Axis Astrology’s “Fortnight Forecast” for May 31 – June 13, 2015

Fortnight Forecast—May 17 - 30, 2015

In this episode, Alison and Arwynne discuss the transits and moon phases for the two week period from May 31 – June 13, 2015.


Planetary transits for May 31-June 13, 2015

  • 5-Jun-2015 Venus in Leo
  • 5-Jun-2015 Venus Trine Saturn
  • 11-Jun-2015 Mercury Direct

Moon Phases

  •  2-Jun-2015 Full Moon in Sagittarius
  • 9-Jun-2015 Last Quarter


In this fortnight the Moon is at its fullest and brightest. Everything that was started at the previous New Moon can now be seen in all its glory.

Axis Astrology’s “Fortnight Forecast” for May 17 – 30, 2015

Fortnight Forecast—May 17 - 30, 2015

In this episode, Alison and Arwynne discuss the transits and moon phases for the two week period from May 17 – 30, 2015.


Planetary transits for May 17-30, 2015

  • 18-May-2015 Mercury Retrograde
  • 20-May-2015 Sun in Gemini
  • 21-May-2015 Venus Opposition Pluto
  • 22-May-2015 Sun Opposition Saturn
  • 25-May-2015 Venus Square Uranus
  • 25-May-2015 Mars Square Neptune
  • 26-May-2015 Mercury Conjunction Mars
  • 28-May-2015 Mercury Square Neptune
  • 30-May-2015 Sun Conjunction Mercury
  • 30-May-2015 Sun Square Neptune

Moon Phases

  •  18-May-2015 New Moon
  • 25-May-2015 First Quarter


In this fortnight the Moon is invisible around the New Moon and then starts to grow in light. Start things after the New Moon and not before.

037—Axis Astrology Podcast: “The Astrology of Fashion”

037—Axis Astrology Podcast: "The Astrology of Fashion"

037—Axis Astrology Podcast: “The Astrology of Fashion”iTunes-subscribe-button_pink



In this episode, Alison and Arwynne discuss the transits, aspects and moon phases for  March 8–21 , 2015. Our 360 topic is The Astrology of Fashion, so we take a retrospective look at 60 years of fashion trends and the planets and signs that rule them. Arwynne reviews Exploring Jupiter by (Saint) Stephen Arroyo and Alison reviews The Outer Planets and Their Cycles: the Astrology of the Collective by Liz Greene.

Planetary transits for March 8-21, 2015

  • 11-Mar-2015 Mars Conjunct Uranus Square Pluto: aggressive Mars in Aries triggers the Uranus-Pluto square
  • 12-Mar-2015 Mercury in Pisces: A planet of words dives underwater just as things get ugly with the outer planets. Not helpful.
  • 14-Mar-2015 Saturn Retrograde
  • 15-Mar-2015 Mercury Square Saturn: Saturn kicks Mercury while it’s down; a can’t-say-anything-right aspect
  • 16-Mar-2015 Uranus Square Pluto: 7th and final time (unless we count the 3 weeks within-1-degree they’ll spend in Dec-Jan)
  • 16-Mar-2015 Venus in Taurus: the goddess of love slips into something more comfortable to take the edge off
  • 17-Mar-2015 Mercury Conjunct Neptune: If you work with words or images, make use of this inspiring energy
  • 20-Mar-2015 Sun in Aries: The Aries Point, zodiacal new year, Spring has sprung, and International Astrology Day!

Moon Phases

13-Mar-2015 Last quarter

19-Mar-2015 Total Solar Eclipse at 29 Pisces

Book Reviews

Exploring_Jupiter_175Arwynne reviews “Exploring Jupiter” by (Saint) Stephen Arroyo. David Roell, the owner of the AstroAmerica bookstore, who sadly passed away last year, was an extremely (often scathingly) critical reviewer, but that only made the praise he doled out so sparingly mean that much more. Of “Exploring Jupiter” he said this:

“My favorite book on Jupiter… a richly detailed, multi-layered book. Arroyo interweaves his own ideas with those of others, almost always producing dazzling insights. There are many sidebars (essays in boxes) that give supporting details and provide case studies… A truly great book.”

David Roell’s widow, Elizabeth LeTourneur, recently announced that she cannot maintain the online bookstore, which at this time is no longer taking orders. She hopes to sell the business to another astrologer, so if you know anyone who might be interested, please visit the site for details.
Alison reviews The Outer Planets and Their Cycles: The Astrology of the Collective by Liz Greene.

The-Outer-Planets-and-Their-Cycles_The Astrology-of-the-CollectiveFirst written in 1980, you can see the gestation of ideas developed in her later books. With rare sensitivity and psychological understanding, she discusses outer planet effects in mundane, political astrology, with a focus on the charts of Marx, Lenin, Hitler and the (former) USSR. She predicts with clarity the then-upcoming events of the late 80s/early 90s, namely the breakdown of the USSR. Along the way are various gems of insight into the psychology of individuals and the meanings of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.


Indeed, one of Greene (a-la-Jung)’s insights is the increasing “psychologization” of the human psyche and its historical influence on astrology: we need not be victims of literalism any longer. Another key point is that the outer planets, because they move so slowly through the sky (e.g., Uranus spends 7 years in a single sign), characterize whole generations rather than individuals.


Green’s solution is to view the outer planets as representing impersonal contents of the Jungian collective unconscious. Some individuals, by virtue of outer planet aspects, are deeply attuned to the forces of the collective unconscious. Such individuals, like Marx, give expression to the unarticulated urges or intentions represented in the cosmos to whole generations, who then resonate to their message like an astrological zeitgeist.

Astrology 360: The Astrology of Fashion

The combinations of natal astrological factors that can bestow the gift of style are probably countless. We’ll discuss some of the most powerful factors (according to Mystic Medusa, the domain of high fashion belongs to Virgo, and as a Virgo herself, Arwynne is inclined to agree), but looking at the big picture—trends that leave their mark on entire decades and generations—means looking at the outer planets. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are the slowest moving planets (averaging 7, 12 and 20 years per sign, respectively), so their placements give the clearest picture to astrologers when we cast our eyes to history—and hemlines.


Pluto in Leo, Neptune in Libra and Uranus in Gemini

What do they always say about this era? Ah, when the men were men and the women were… Well, whatever it is they say, that’s Leo and Libra— what a pair! The King and the Perfect Wife… uber-male/female archetype stuff.

Ever look at photos from the 1940s and wonder how even working class women looked like they spent half their day at the salon having their hair set and their eyebrows done? Throughout the 40s and 50s, everyone pretty much had spectacularly done hair, at all times.

With the influence of Uranus in Gemini (1942-1949), the post-war looks were about simple elegance; wide shoulders, crisp white shirts, neat suits on both men and women. Katharine Hepburn, Joan Crawford, Clark Gable, Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart (pictured at left, below).


Middle and right images, 1940s suits and dresses from

Middle and right above: 1940s suits and dresses from



gen01As Uranus started to shift into Cancer in 1948, we got Christian Dior’s New Look—dresses made from 10 yards of fabric—a signal that the age of consumerism was upon us; no more rationing (or Rosie the Riveter). Father Knew Best and his home was his “castle.”

He was a snappy dresser with big lapels, a big, manly laugh and a big heart—think Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne. She was as picturesque as a wedding cake whether playing the Perfect Wife or the perfect mistress—think Doris Day, Judy Garland, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe.

Big floral prints on dresses and home decor and happy homemaker looks for women while the men kept their conservative suits but went crazy for colorful ties, suspenders, sporty cardigans and flamboyant weekend attire.

Late 40s ties from, 1940s Vogue suits from, 1950s dresses.

Late 40s ties from, 1940s Vogue suits from, 1950s dresses.


The 1960s were really two separate eras, the early 60s (approximately 1957-1962) of Kennedy’s Camelot, the British pop invasion and Mad Men seasons 1-3 and the late 60s—rock & roll, LSD, free love and the women’s and civil rights movements, which then gave way to the all-encompassing anti-war movement of the early 70s.

To what do we attribute this drastic change astrologically? Uranus, the planet of revolution, moving from the big, bold, masculine fire sign of Leo into the introspective, critical, moralizing feminine earth sign that is considered the ruler of women (the Pill, 2nd wave feminism), small animals (animal rights, Greenpeace) and the harvest (the Green Revolution, communes and rise of environmental awareness and activism).


gen02Pluto in Virgo, Neptune in Scorpio, Uranus in Leo

Anyone’s who seen “Mad Men” knows that Western society hit its peak in terms of fashion during this brief period; the Beatles, the Rat Pack, The Kennedys, Audrey Hepburn, The Avengers, the cool blondes and suave gentlemen who starred in Alfred Hitchcock’s cleverly-constructed psychological thrillers, and those impeccable Europeans (Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot et al).

Women explored endless varieties of hairstyles made possible by back-combing and lots of toxic hairspray; huge in more ways than one were the flip and the bouffant (for decades the preferred hairstyle of politicians’ wives). Speaking of, Jackie Kennedy was probably the single most influential force in women’s style for this period. Pillbox hats and tiny, matching vinyl purses, Chanel suits, geometric block patterns and A-lines, full skirts, “swing” coats and tight, “wiggle” dresses (think Joan in season 1 of Mad Men).

All images above are from

All images above are from



gen025Pluto in Virgo, Neptune in Scorpio, Uranus in Virgo

Fashion at this time began to splinter into factions along with musical tastes. Mods, rockers, hippies and beats to name just a few all had their own unique styles and, of course, a large portion of society remained unmoved by such trends and their attire remained relatively conservative in the mode of the previous decade.

Hair remained pretty high maintenance all the way through the 1960s. Some women kept it short and sporty, while many adopted the new Marcia Brady/Cher flat ironed look (often literally ironed) or the Jane Fonda shag. Peter Pan collars, Polyester, go-go boots, the mini and the bikini, turtlenecks, hand-beaded jewelry, flower (power) motifs and super-busy prints like paisley, animal prints, Pucci, tie-dye, geometric and psychedelic patterns that expanded your mind even without the drugs, braids, retro Victorianism and fashions inspired by the third world all reflect the influence of Virgo. And let’s not forget all those late-60s earth tones… olive green, harvest gold and the oranges and browns of autumn.

For the first time in modern history, men’s fashion began to loosen up a little. Although the suit-and-tie uniform of the business world would remain firmly in place until the “business casual” revolution of the early 21st century, their palette—once restricted to grey, black and navy blue—suddenly expanded to allow pastels, earth tones, bold prints and accessories like ascots, turtlenecks, (very) wide lapels and Nehru collars. Increasingly, men grew their hair longer and experimented with sideburns.

And what about the free love, rock music and mind-expanding drugs, you ask? What’s Virgo about Beatniks, the Black Panthers, revolutionary chic, motorcycle gangs and the Manson Family? Remember, Neptune was parked in Scorpio the entire decade. (I think we can give Scorpio all the credit for micro-mini skirts and go-go boots too.)





gen03Pluto in Libra, Neptune in Sagittarius and Uranus in Libra until 1974, then Scorpio until 1982.

After the passage of the Civil Rights Act in 1968 and the growing awareness of struggles for national independence throughout the world, American fashion trends began to reflect a multiculturalism not seen since the early century. Afros (think of the fierce, fabulous Angela Davis) and colorful fabrics inspired by African and Indian traditional attire; pants suits and maxi dresses reflect the new feminist sensibility as well as the sportier, more active sign of Sagittarius, which also rules foreign lands, higher education, adventure and travel.

Men, having tasted the freedom from shaving, embraced every conceivable configuration of facial hair, and beards and mustaches gained acceptance in all but the most conservative circles.

With Uranus in Libra for the first half of the decade, men’s and women’s fashions almost converge in a unisex adoption of plaids, turtlenecks, soft, stretchy fabrics like velour and corduroy and warmer colors. In popular culture, performers like David Bowie and Grace Jones blurred the gender lines, and self-help books and movies about divorce, adultery, prostitution and alternative forms of partnership attempted to navigate the suddenly stormy waters of male-female relations. In the US, urban gangs and violent crime were on the rise, reflected in a new rash of TV shows and movies about police, urban crime, drugs and the downwardly mobile, working—and non-working—classes.

In the second half of the decade, moving into the 80s, Uranus in Scorpio brings out the edgier, flashier side of Sagittarius. In politics, the Watergate scandal and the resignation of President Nixon in 1974, then the oil embargo, recession and the 444-day Iranian hostage crisis put Americans in a defensive, sober mood, which they reacted to in the usual way – by distracting themselves with heavier music and harder drugs. Heavy metal, punk, rap and disco all emerge from this period and the fashions of the time reflect all those trends to some degree, while the business world tries to maintain some semblance of order under the influx of women as well as minorities into the workforce. The Stonewall riots in 1969 had brought the issue of gay rights to a head, as would the assassination of Harvey Milk in San Francisco and in the early 80s, the AIDS epidemic.

Images from

Images from



gen04Pluto in Scorpio, Neptune in Capricorn, Uranus in Sagittarius

The era of Reagan/Thatcher conservatism is unsurprisingly presided over by Neptune in Capricorn (1984-1996), which meant “power dressing” for men and women, big shoulder pads, status brands, “yuppies” and “preppies” and the new “Young Republicans” in the US (characterized by Michael J. Fox as “Alex P. Keaton” on Family Ties, the reactionary conservative business-suit wearing son of former hippies who had children and settled down in the suburbs). Wealth inequality skyrocketed while depictions of casual affluence proliferated in popular culture; The Cosby show replaced The Jeffersons and the biggest shows on TV were Dallas, Dynasty and Knot’s Landing – soap operas about millionaires and oil tycoons.

Fashion under the influence of conservative, status-conscious Capricorn and eclectic, multicultural Sagittarius was an explosion of everything at once. A google search for “80s fashion” brings back page after page of regrettable excess; day-glow neon, pastels, acid-washed denim, distressed leather, leather dyed every color in the rainbow—with studs, fringe, quilting, rhinestones, paint spatters, appliques and patch pockets…

And that’s just how the “establishment” was dressing. Switch over to MTV and you’ll see that perms were apparently mandatory, something called “mousse” was apparently being handed out with driver’s licenses and it was impossible to wear too many contrasting colors, fabrics or accessories at one time. Scarves, headbands, chains, earrings, plastic bracelets, vests, jackets, puffy shirts, baggy pants, leg warmers, an ever-increasing complexity in running shoe technology and design, parachute pants (because you can never have too many pockets, zippers, belt or little Velcro tab-y things at once). It was free-for-all of capitalist consumption, on coke and off the rails. I have to say, though, having grown up in the 80s, it sure was a fun time to be a teenager. Want to wear all your favorite accessories and eye shadow colors all at once? Go for it! Hot pink lace leggings, pointy black ankle boots, blue leg warmers, a cut-off denim mini-skirt with a studded, over-sized belt, a mesh tank top over a neon orange sports bra, fingerless gloves, 16 bracelets on each arm and a fringed, leather-patched denim jacket with the front lapels covered in band pins and buttons with phrases and three different earrings in each ear? Yes please. It was kind of amazing.


Images from Google Images (not really an attribution, I know).




Pluto in Scorpio, Neptune in Capricorn, Uranus in Capricorn

An amazing backlash happened around the time Uranus moved into Capricorn, which was called Grunge. In the late 80s/early 90s, this revitalized form of punk music suddenly emerged from the Pacific NW and within a couple of years, models were walking down the runways in Milan wearing black sack dresses and tying flannel shirts around their waists in homage to Kurt Cobain and Co. Out were the supermodels all 5’10” and up who commanded $10K a day, in were “heroin chic” waifs like Kate Moss and Amber Valletta, who would eventually grow up to resemble the “glamazons” that came before them, but it was a hell of a shakeup while it lasted.



Pluto in Sagittarius, Neptune in Aquarius, Uranus in Aquarius.

Retro, layers, cyber-grunge? These are some of the keywords that come back, along with pictures of the Spice Girls, boy bands, ravers, retro hippies and “metrosexuals” – now that’s Aquarius + Pisces for you. In the late 90’s, the tech boom/bubble brought office casual to new levels with “jeans Friday” becoming every day and polo shirts with khakis becoming the uniform of many suburban office parks. Shiny fabrics, feathery and fake furry fabrics were huge, as were flared, low-rider jeans, short-shirts and platform shoes… aaah, the platform shoes. (Glad some things never go out of style!)

The combination of Sagittarius and Aquarius (squared) coincided with the universal adoption of the Internet and a true melting pot (I almost wrote “melting pop” which would also have been appropriate) seemed to emerge for the first time out of the much-hyped “multiculturalism” of the previous decades.


Pluto in Sagittarius, Neptune in Aquarius, Uranus in Pisces.

In 2003, Uranus moved into Pisces and we got the metrosexual/hipster thing, another (arguably better) take on the leveling of the genders but this time around everyone wanted to look pretty, not just comfy. Lots of eyebrow plucking, waxing (everywhere) and interesting hair colors on everyone of every age. This is when we started to hear “_____ is the new _____.” Fill in the color and/or age of your choice. Style icons included everyone on “Friends” (the “Rachel” became the most popular haircut for white women since Farrah’s). All the outer planets were now in the “transpersonal” signs of the zodiac (that would be the final four), which seems to have been the signal to the fashion world that it was time to revisit every trend of the last 100 years; renn faire Victorian, Steampunk, dandies, Dick Tracy gangster-style, rockabilly, mid-century square, punk, hip hop, gangsta, hardcore, nerdcore, normcore and all those people in yoga gear…



Also mentioned in this episode…

Arwynne talks about a fashion show she attended at the Museum of Vancouver in the last few minutes of this episode. If you’re interested in reading about that exhibition and the fashion show’s excellent curator Ivan Sayers, you can read all about it on Arwynne’s blog.

036—Axis Astrology Podcast: “Listener Chart Consultation”

036—Axis Astrology Podcast: "Listener Chart Consultation"

036—Axis Astrology Podcast: “Listener Chart Consultation”iTunes-subscribe-button_pink


In this episode, Alison and Arwynne discuss the transits, aspects and moon phases for February 22 – March 7, 2015. Our Astrology 360 this time is a sample consultation based on the chart of a male listener in Seattle who we’re calling “Ben.”

Planetary transits for February 22 – March 7, 2015

22-Feb-2015 Sun Square Saturn: At the crossroads of ego and bureaucracy? Road-blocked on the path to achievement?

25-Feb-2015 Sun Conjunction Neptune: Fuzzy-headed, dreamy aspect that favors the arts, a makeover, sleeping in.

1-Mar-2015 Mercury Opposition Jupiter: Talking trash to authority figures? Brain writing checks the body can’t cash?

4-Mar-2015 Venus Conjunct Uranus and Square Pluto: Venus triggers the Uranus-Pluto square nearing their 7th exact.

Moon Phases

25-Feb-2015: Last quarter

05-Mar-2015: Full Moon in Virgo (at 14 degrees)

Astrology 360: Ben’s Chart Consultation

“Ben,” a Male Listener from Seattle

January 30, 1973

10:59 PM PST

Seattle, WA


035—Axis Astrology Podcast: “Neptune”

035—Axis Astrology Podcast: “Neptune”iTunes-subscribe-button_pink

In this episode, Alison and Arwynne discuss the transits, aspects and moon phases for February 8-21, 2015. Our 360 topic is Neptune. Arwynne reviews Neptune by Liz Greene and Alison reviews Aspects and Personality by Karen Hamaker-Zondag.

Planetary transits for February 8-21, 2015

  • 10-Feb-2015 Mercury Stations Direct after being retrograde since January 21.
  • 18-Feb-2015 Sun moves into Pisces, the watery, feminine, mutable sign ruled by Neptune.
  • 19-Feb-2015 Mars moves into Aries: Like going from swimming through mud to running through the desert.
  • 20-Feb-2015 Venus in Aries: The assertive, outgoing side of Venus—maybe too assertive, especially with…
  • 21-Feb-2015 Venus Conjunct Mars: in Aries! Not the best night for a first date. Go outside and burn off some steam.

Moon Phases

  • Feb. 12 – Last quarter phase
  • Feb. 18 – New Moon at 0 degrees Pisces


Book Reviews

Arwynne reviews The Astrological Neptune and the Quest for Redemption by Liz Greene. “The longing for redemption is a many-headed daimon that dwells within the most earthbound and prosaic of souls. Neptune is the astrological symbol that describes this energy. Liz Greene, an internationally known astrologer, has given us the most complete and accessible book about Neptune ever written! She explores Neptune themes in literature, myth, politics, religion, fashion, and art to show how this energy manifests.” (

Alison reviews Aspects and Personality by Karen Hamaker-Zondag.



Astrology 360: Neptune

Discovered in 1848, Neptune is the modern planetary ruler of Pisces and is symbolized by the Roman god Neptune or the Green Poseidon, the god of the sea.

Neptune represents dreams and delusions, spirituality and idealism, glamour, madness, deception, escapism, propaganda and paranoia. It also rules films and photography, oil and water, and performances of all kinds—dancing, music, movies and magic.

When Neptune contacts other planets in a person’s (or event’s) chart, it tends to blur the definitions of the other planet, like putting a fuzzy, Vaseline filter on a camera lens, the kind you would use if you were filming a dream sequence back in the day when they filmed movies on film with filters and lenses.


Chart example:lon-chaney

Lon Chaney (April 1, 1883, 7:24 AM, Colorado Springs, CO. Rodden Rating: C) Neptune in exact (>0.5 degrees) conjunct the Ascendant as well as Saturn and Chiron; 11 degrees from Neptune-ASC, Pluto completes the stellium in Taurus. Neptune also forms a grand earth trine with the Moon and Uranus.

Lon Chaney, nicknamed “The Man of a Thousand Faces,” was one of the most versatile American film actors of the silent era. He starred in 150 films and is best remembered for his groundbreaking makeup artistry and his characterizations of tortured, often grotesque and afflicted characters. His most roles famous roles, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and “The Phantom of the Opera,” were notable for inspiring sympathy despite their monstrousness.

Chaney was quoted in Movie magazine as saying, “I wanted to remind people that the lowest types of humanity may have within them the capacity for supreme self-sacrifice… The dwarfed, misshapen beggar of the streets may have the noblest ideals. Most of my roles… have carried the theme of self-sacrifice or renunciation.” (Wikipedia biography)



034—Axis Astrology Podcast: “The New Year, New You Consultation

034—Axis Astrology Podcast: "The New Year, New You Consultation"

034—Axis Astrology Podcast: “The New Year, New You Consultation”iTunes-subscribe-button_pink

In this episode, Alison and Arwynne discuss the transits, aspects and moon phases for January 11-24, 2015. For this episode’s Astrology 360, we do a full sample reading of a “New Year, New You” consultation with a special guest chart.

Planetary transits for January 11-24, 2015

  • 11-Jan-2015—Mars in Pisces: this wishy-washy Mars has difficulty acting decisively, tries to appease/distract vs. taking action
  • 14-Jan-2015—Mars Square Saturn: stops & starts, obstruction and irritation, “driving with the parking break on” aspect
  • 18-Jan-2015—Venus Opposite Jupiter: aesthetic or relationship desires clash w/ideals or ethics, compromising principles
  • 19-Jan-2015—Mars Conjunct Neptune: the “fog of war” aspect, often seen in charts of police/protester clashes and riots
  • 19-Jan-2015—Sun in Aquarius: some Leos may find a challenging month ahead while the Sun transits its opposite sign
  • 20-Jan-2015—Mercury Retrograde: details may be slow to emerge or conflict in Mars-Neptune stories from this week


Astrology 360: The New Year, New You Consultation

Here is the chart we discuss in this episode, followed by a dispositor tree and 2-year ephemeris:

Female chartnewyearnewyou02


033—Axis Astrology Podcast: “2015 Preview”

033—Axis Astrology Podcast: "2015 Preview"

033—Axis Astrology Podcast: “2015 Preview”iTunes-subscribe-button_pink

In this episode:

Alison and Arwynne discuss the transits, aspects and moon phases for December 28—January 10, 2015. Our Astrology 360 this time is our 2015 Preview, so we talk about the year ahead, covering some of the major planetary aspects, transits and ingresses in store for us in 2015. Arwynne reviews Llewellyn’s 2015 Astrological Pocket Planner and Alison reviews Zodiac Manager: An Astrological Expose of Everyone in the Office by J. T. Ford.

Planetary transits for December 28—January 10, 2015

  • 1-Jan-2015: Mars Opposition Jupiter—21 degrees Leo/Aquarius axis. Ego vs. community clashes,
  • 2-Jan-2015: Venus in Aquarius—cool heads prevail in relationships and finances, coincides with the end of the holidays
  • 2-Jan-2015: Sun Square Uranus—triggers U&P square, unexpectedly bringing home the revolutionary unrest of 2012-15
  • 3-Jan-2015: Sun Conjunct Pluto—ego conflicts have consequences, one of the most personal contacts by the U-P square
  • 4-Jan-2015: Mercury in Aquarius—bubble of holiday communications expands; intellectual, technological, humanitarian

Moon Phases:

Jan 4: Full moon at 29 Gemini

Book Reviews

Alison reviews Zodiac Manager: An Astrological Expose of Everyone in the Office by J. T. Ford.

ZodiacManagerA first of its kind – a definitive astrological business book that reveals the basic nature of everyone you come face-to-face with in your career from colleagues to the competition. Each chapter deals with one specific sun sign and describes in detail how that sign influences the working habits and professional personality of those born under it. This is not a technical book about creating astrological charts but rather a book with practical insight on how to deal with people based on a deeper understanding of who they are.


You will learn how individual sun signs rank in leadership, intelligence, communication, success, work habits, loyalty, creativity and determination. You will learn their “Hot Buttons” as well as their strengths and weaknesses. And armed with this information you will learn how to work with, compete with, and manage others for their success and yours.

Arwynne reviews Llewellyn’s 2015 Astrological Pocket Planner and finds it completely lacking compared to Llewellyn’s 2015 Daily Planetary Guide. She bought it online because the Planetary Guide wasn’t available and she thought: why not give it a try?

2015pocketplannerHere are some of the features [with Arwynne’s comments in brackets]:

  • Daily signs, Moon phases, and aspects [note: Aspects are NOT in the day planner section, only in the ephemeris in back.]
  • World time-zone map and conversion table [Utterly useless, but luckily only takes up one page.]
  • Best days for planting and fishing [Really. Who the $#&@ cares?]





Not recommended, unless you actually care about the best days for fishing and planting OR you literally plan to carry it around in your pocket. At 4″x6″, the Pocket Planner will probably fit into your pocket better than the Planetary Guide (5×8″).


For everyone else, Arwynne recommends Llewellyn’s 2015 Daily Planetary Guide.


Astrology 360: 2015 Preview

2014 Year in Review

Before we get into 2015, let’s review the “highlights” of 2014, such as they were. In our 2014 Preview, we predicted a rough year with continuing political upheaval, protests, terrorism and brutal crackdowns pitting government against citizen—no surprise, considering the last few years, but 2014 saw civil unrest at levels unseen in a generation (Kiev, Ferguson, Hong Kong). New threats materialized as if out of nowhere (ISIS, Boko Haram, Uber) and old threats were resurrected like a zombie plague (Polio, Ebola, Russia)… Here are some of those highlights in retrospect.

A missing Malaysian plane held the media’s attention for 2+ months, until… Ebola reemerged as a terrifying world health threat in the spring, killing between 7K and 20K people in West Africa, where the fatality rate is 70%. Western media hysteria over a handful of cases further underlined the disparity between the disease’s impact in the first world and in poorer nations. Ebola healthcare workers were named Time magazine’s “People of the Year.” The Crimean Crisis erupted in the spring and culminated in the summer with the shooting down of another Malaysian airliner, sanctions against Russia and ongoing tensions. Several cases of police in the US fatally shooting unarmed black teenagers gained global attention, and sparked massive protests across the nation and online, as well as a few apparent revenge killings of police officers. A rise in reported rape cases on college campuses and in the military met with mixed reactions; is it a bad sign (suggesting a “rape culture”), a good sign (suggesting more cases are being reported) or is it just bad reporting?

The exact square in mid-December saw 141 people including 130 children were killed by Taliban gunmen at a school in Pakistan, and two hostages plus the gunman were killed after a 16-hr. siege in a café in Sydney. Another Boko Haram raid also occurred on the 14th, killing 30+ with more than 200  hostages now missing. In the final weeks of 2014, the US took the first step towards reestablishing diplomatic relations with Cuba after more than 50 years and Sony struck a blow for democracy (albeit belatedly and in response to pressure, if not downright ridicule from the media and Obama administration) by releasing their shitty Seth Rogan movie and letting fans take their lives into their own hands in the name of free speech, and in defiance of North Korea.

Important Aspects in 2015:

  1. Saturn entered Sagittarius on December 23, 2014
  2. Uranus-Pluto Square was exact December 14, 2014 and will remain w/in 1 degree all through January 2015
  3. January also sees Mars square Saturn (14th) and conjunct Neptune (19th), making it a tense, charged month
  4. March 15: Last of the 7 Uranus-Pluto squares of 2012-2015
  5. March 20: Solar eclipse at 29 Pisces
  6. April 4: Full moon lunar eclipse at 14 Libra
  7. August 23: Jupiter moves into Virgo
  8. September 13: Solar eclipse at 20 Virgo
  9. September 25: Mars square Saturn
  10. November 26-27: Mars square Saturn, Uranus-Pluto within minutes of exact square; w/in 1 degree ~2 weeks

Mercury Retrograde periods:

  • January 21 – February 11
  • May 18 – June 11
  • September 17 – October 9


Be sure to check out Alison’s site for:

Happy New Year 2015 – Your Starz Horoscopes for Creativity, Love, Money, Wellbeing and Vision by Alison Price

032—Axis Astrology Podcast: “Saturn”


032—Axis Astrology Podcast: “Saturn”iTunes-subscribe-button_pink

In this episode:

Alison and Arwynne discuss the transits, aspects and moon phases for December 14-27, 2014. Our Astrology 360 topic is Saturn, so we talk about the history, mythology and astronomy of the most distant planet in classical astrology and one of the most famous transits in astrology, the Saturn Return. Arwynne reviews Saturn in Transit by Erin Sullivan, while Alison reviews Using Astrology to Create a Vocational Profile by Faye Cossar.


Planetary transits for December 14-27, 2014

  • 14-Dec-2014: Uranus Square Pluto – (6/7) revolution, civil unrest, rebellion, suppression, conflict, creative destruction
  • 16-Dec-2014: Mercury in Capricorn – Thoughts & words infused with history, tradition, family legacies & institutions
  • 20-Dec-2014: Venus Square Uranus – Conflicts between partners, sudden desire to defy expectations/ break out of roles
  • 20-Dec-2014: Venus Conjunction Pluto – (trigger) Relationships transformed through sudden disruptions/eruptions
  • 21-Dec-2014: Uranus stations Direct – The retrograde period beginning July 21, 2014 ends
  • 21-Dec-2014: Sun in Capricorn – (Solstice in N) Expression constrained by social structure/expectation, protocol & rules
  • 23-Dec-2014: Saturn in Sagittarius – 2.5 yrs. in the sign of the crusader, professor, philosopher, prophet and profiteer
  • 24-Dec-2014: Mercury Square Uranus – (trigger) Disrupting communications, vocal conflicts, causing scenes, rehashing
  • 24-Dec-2014: Mercury Conjunct Pluto – Deep rifts and underlying fractures shake up thoughts/speech spurring changes


Book Reviews



Arwynne reviews Saturn in Transit by Erin Sullivan.

From the description: “Erin Sullivan gives a thorough account of the astrology, mythology, and psychology of Saturn’s role as the source of divine discontent. This revised edition includes a new chapter, “The Transit of Saturn to the Planets,” showing how we continually give birth to ourselves all our lives.”

UsingAstrologyAlison reviews Using Astrology to Create a Vocational Profile by Faye Cossar.

Description from Faye’s website: “Faye’s book Using Astrology to Create a Vocational Profile: Finding the Right Career Direction” was published in 2012. It is a practical guide that shows how to combine astrology with techniques used by career counsellors.”


Astrology 360: Saturn

Saturn in mythology

In Roman mythology, Saturn was analogous to Cronos in Greece.

Cronus was often conflated with Chronus, “Time,” and his devouring of his children taken as an allegory for the passing of generations. The sickle or scythe of Father Time is a remnant of the agricultural implement of Cronus-Saturn, and his aged appearance represents the waning of the old year with the birth of the new. (Wikipedia)

Saturn in astronomy
Saturn is a gas giant like Jupiter, with giant rings made of gravitationally captured rocks, dust and icy debris that has accumulated over millions of years. Saturn was the most distant planet in the ancient solar system until the discovery of Uranus in 1781, which coincided with the start of the Industrial Revolution, modern democracy, capitalism, secularism, science and exploration.

Astrologically, Saturn is associated with limitation, restriction and fear, representing in our charts a kind of Achilles heal or area of insecurity, until we’ve matured enough to internalize the lessons of Saturn, including the right application of our time and effort, responsibility, mastery and our proper place in the systems of society. The cycle of Saturn around the zodiac takes 29.5 years, spending a little less than 2.5 years in each sign.

Saturn through the signs

Worst fear:
enslavement       |     George Washington, Evel Kneivel, Tina Turner, Saddam Hussein, Albert Einstein

Worst fear:
deprivation          |     L. Ron Hubbard, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Mother Teresa, Vincent Van Gogh, Virginia Woolf

Worst fear:
isolation              |     Albert Camus, Eleanor Roosevelt, Oscar Wilde, Orson Welles, Janis Joplin

Worst fear:
homelessness     |     Napoleon, Bette Midler, Liza Minelli, Mary Shelley, George W. Bush

Worst fear:
irrelevance           |     Beethoven, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Charlie Chaplin, Stephen King, Eva Peron

Worst fear:
chaos                   |     Jane Addams, Agatha Christie, Gene Roddenberry, William Randolph Hearst, Meryl Streep

Worst fear:
banishment           |     Jane Austen, Helen Gurley Brown, Elizabeth B. Browning, Norman Mailer, John Gray

Worst fear:
extinction              |     Marlon Brando, Fidel Castro, Amelia Earhart, Marilyn Monroe, Lenny Bruce

Worst fear:
stagnation             |     Fred Astaire, Charles Darwin, Madonna, Martin Luther King, Che Guevara

Worst fear:
helplessness          |     Neil Armstrong, George Clooney, Walt Disney, Sylvia Plath, Marie Antoinette

Worst fear:
regression               |     Winston Churchill, Salvador Dali, Nietzsche, Gloria Steinem, Joan Rivers

Worst fear:
meaninglessness     |     John Paul Sartre, Ken Kesey, Kurt Cobain, the Dalai Lama, Frida Kahlo

Saturn Returns occur every 29.5 years when transiting Saturn returns to the sign and degree where it was in your birth chart. It typically signifies a time of testing, pruning of dead ideas and modes of living, and an emergence into a more mature and focused phase by the end of it. At or before 30, most people have gone through at least one such experience; the loss of an ill-conceived dream or relationship that no longer supported their growth into adulthood. Crises can force change upon you if you have avoided steps towards self-sufficiency and self-actualization, forcing you to let go of the false security they once offered. If the lessons of Saturn are learned, you enter your 30s with new competence and gravitas. The next Saturn Return occurs around age 58 and often coincides with a midlife crisis, divorce, change of career or return to work after grown children have left home. The result can be a renewed sense of individuation, enterprise and creative productivity. The third and for most people last, occurs around 87 and as one might expect, it deals with issues of completion and contemplation, acceptance of mortality on a spiritual or intellectual level, savoring the fruits of one’s achievements and experiences, and enjoyment of the time they have left and people around them.

Saturn in Sagittarius

  • December 23, 2015 to June 14, 2015
  • September 17, 2015 to December 19, 2017


Previous transits

  • 1985-1988
  • 1956-1959
  • 1926-1929

031—Axis Astrology Podcast: “Holiday Gifts for the Signs”

031—Axis Astrology Podcast: "Holiday Gifts for the Signs" (November 30 - December 13, 2014)

031—Axis Astrology Podcast: “Holiday Gifts for the Signs”

In this episode, Alison and Arwynne discuss the transits, aspects and moon phases for November 30-December 13. Our Astrology 360 topic is holiday gifts and gatherings, so we talk about some of our gift ideas and party suggestions for all the signs on your list this holiday season. Arwynne reviews Generational Patterns Using Astrology by Edwin Rose and Alison reviews Understanding Astrology: How to Unlock the Secrets of Your Personality by Jane Struthers.


Planetary transits for November 30-December 13, 2014

  • 30-Nov-2014 – Mercury Square Neptune: the original “head in the clouds” aspect; plan for mental befuddlement and fog
  • 4-Dec-2014 – Mars in Aquarius: sharp, intellectual mars energy gives your ambitions a technological boost after Cap. stay
  • 7-Dec-2014 – Sun Conjunct Mercury: New moon energy in adventurous Sagittarius boosts idealism, courage & conviction
  • 10-Dec-2014 – Venus in Capricorn: Traditional values, conventional and class conscious.


Moon Phases:

December 6: Full moon in Gemini.

Book Reviews

Arwynne reviews Generational Patterns Using Astrology by Edwin Rose. Description from “Generational Patterns Using Astrology will enable you to find your place in history. It will explain how your parent’s generation is different than yours and even the differences between your parent’s generational patterns.” Ideal for beginners, this book sticks to the basics, giving simple delineations for each of the generations defined by the outer planets, from Jupiter (which spends 1 year in each sign) through Pluto (which averages ~20 years per sign). It provides date ranges for each of the planetary placements and aspects between them, and lists thousands of celebrity examples from Leonardo Da Vinci to Lindsay Lohan.

UnderstandingAstrologyAlison reviews Understanding Astrology: How to Unlock the Secrets of Your Personality by Jane Struthers. This beautifully illustrated, comprehensive guide shows how the planets shape and influence personality. Struthers explains the meaning of birth placing of the sun and moon, plus the five fastest moving planets, to create a complete planetary picture. Perfect for anyone interested in learning more than what a daily horoscope can provide.

Astrology 360: Holiday Gifts for the Signs


Tickets to a comedy show or to see their favorite sports team should go over well with an Aries of any age. If you’re looking for a housewarming gift for an Aries friend, try a party game designed to get their guests’ competitive juices flowing, like Cranium or Taboo. Going all out for that special Aries? Think about planning a Murder Mystery dinner party or arranging lessons with a fencing coach. Give them an adventure that gets their heart racing and they’ll thank you.



It would be a gross oversimplification to say you can never go wrong giving chocolate to a Taurus, but there is a grain of truth in it too—as long as it’s very good chocolate. In fact, “very good” should be your guide for anything gifted to a Taurus. They are the connoisseurs of the zodiac. It needn’t be expensive, but they do appreciate quality and they’ll love that you cared enough to give the best, whether you choose flowers, wine, music or something lovely and scented.



The Gemini attention span is notoriously short, but they will always appreciate a gift that’s thoughtful, entertaining and new to them. When I was 12, I gave my Gemini grandfather a letter opener for his birthday. It was a clever design that hid the paper-slicing blade inside a smooth gold “U” shape that fit nicely in your hand. He loved it. Sure, he would have pretended to regardless, but you just could tell he thought it was a cool gift. He always made a big production of using it whenever I was visiting, and if someone else was in the room, he would show it off and extol its various selling points. Bottom line: Geminis are great gift recipients sure to accept your offering with sincere and effusive gratitude.



My favorite “gifting a Cancer” story happened about 10 years ago when I was working with two real estate agents, a Cancer and an Aquarian who’d been in business together for 25 years. The Cancer was a history buff whose favorite topics were Napoleon and the Titanic, so for his birthday I bought him a beautifully illustrated coffee table book about the Titanic. He gave me a gigantic hug and then hoisted one foot up onto my desk so he could pull up his pant leg and show me the bruise on his shin. “This morning,” he grinned, “I was rushing around trying to find my car keys and we have a LOT of books—all the bookcases are full, there are piles of books on the floor in front of them and stacked in sideways on top of other books—it’s a bloody mess! This morning, I tripped over a pile of books and bruised the hell out of my shin on the corner of one huge book that sticks out from the bottom shelf… and it was this book!” As you can imagine, my face was a mask of perplexed fascination. “I probably own 25 or 30 books on The Titanic, but this one,” he said shaking the book in his hands for emphasis, this one is my favorite. You have very good taste in books, my friend!” Then he kissed my forehead and I exchanged it for one about the Hindenburg from the same series, which he really liked too. I’ll never forget that, though; it was the best gift fail ever.



In my experience, Leos are great appreciators of the arts. Depending on how well you know your Leo, giving them a piece by their favorite artist or school of design could go over well. Some Leo men love cologne, just make sure it’s their signature scent, and not something you liked when you smelled it on someone else. They can be territorial and, don’t forget, scent is an important identifier among the jungle cats. You can’t go wrong giving Leo the gift of entertainment, be it movie passes, gift tickets to the live event of their choosing, or a night of improv theater where the audience is part of the show (if you do that last one, though, make very sure that they are indeed a Leo, and not a Virgo).



I don’t know who said it first, but Mystic Medusa probably said it best: “Giving a gift to a Virgo? They only really like books. If you buy them something which proves you have actually listened to their careful little hints, even better.” As a Virgo myself, I can’t improve on that advice! Books, gift cards for books, those little clip-on book lights—those things have appallingly short battery life, so don’t worry if they already have one. Give it a week and they’ll be thanking you all over again. If you really want to win the heart that special Virgo, fill up a flash drive with new audio books. (Hint, hint!)



There’s no law that says any one sign has a monopoly on good taste, but it is fair to say that Libras are especially attuned to aesthetics. Even if they don’t seem to apply it to their own wardrobe or décor, most Libras have an eye for symmetry and style, and they tend to favor the timeless over the trendy. This does make them harder to shop for, I’ll be honest. But the good thing is that, even if your gift misses the mark spectacularly, Libra will never let you know it. That sweater you knitted one Christmas with arms so long it could double as a straightjacket? Of course, darling; they wear it all the time. That’s why it’s in the laundry basket right now (just like every other time you visit).



Scorpios can be difficult to shop for, too, because they can be so maddeningly opaque about what they want, leaving you to throw out probing guesses to smoke them out—or worse, to skulk around in the hopes of finding some tidbit they’ve left lying around that might clue you in to some secret hobby or collection they’ve been hiding. Come right out and ask, and they’ll counter with feigned asceticism (“oh, I don’t need anything—the holidays are so commercialized“). Help them keep their digital data as inscrutable as their facial expressions with an RFID-blocking wallet or device sleeve.



If the most important person in your life is a Sagittarius, nothing beats the gift of travel. A taste of adventure will sustain them long after their bags are unpacked and the last of the travel-sized shampoos and hand lotions are gone or lost at the bottom of their purse. Sadges love to explore a variety of topics in as much depth as possible. On a budget? Take them on a guided walking tour (just search your city + “walking tours”), find out when your local zoo, aquarium, observatory, library, university or museum has special exhibitions, lectures or free classes—anything that offers an opportunity to learn about something new and exotic.

In Vancouver? Check out Walking a Labyrinth at Spanish Banks, as recommended by Alison.


My no-nonsense Capricorn grandmother engaged in hobbies like knitting and gardening and, with six children and 16 grandchildren, it’s no surprise that she was a woman constantly in motion. She enjoyed practical gifts like winter gloves, flower pots, picture frames and leather luggage sets. If you know your Capricorn well, give then something that feeds one of their many hobbies, to help them stay in motion. They won’t be offended by a pragmatic gift card either.



The obvious answer is “technology” but that leaves an enormous range of possibilities for every age, interest and budget. I’ve had good luck with video games, gadgets and gadget accessories, software and, believe it or not, “contributions in the name of” (but I don’t recommend that last one unless you’re certain it will go over well).



Pisceans sometimes pretend they’re not interested in material things, but even the most stalwart ascetic will enjoy the right music, movies, photo albums or camera gear (the better to pursue their latest high-concept, creative endeavor or moneymaking scheme).


Check out Alison’s excellent Christmas shopping posts at



030—Axis Astrology Podcast: “Jupiter”

030—Axis Astrology Podcast: "Jupiter" (November 16-29, 2014)

030—Axis Astrology Podcast: “Jupiter” iTunes-subscribe-button_pink

Arwynne and Alison would like to thank The Mountain Astrologer’s Mary Plumb for mentioning us in her column on astrological podcasts, and give a warm welcome to any new listeners who heard about us through TMA!


In this episode, Alison and Arwynne discuss the transits, aspects and moon phases for November 16-29, 2014. Our Astrology 360 topic is Jupiter. We talk about the meaning and mythology of the biggest planet in our solar system, what it means in your chart, and some examples from real life. Arwynne reviews The Jupiter/Saturn Conference Lectures by Liz Greene and Stephen Arroyo and Alison reviews The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion.

Planetary transits and ingresses for November 16-29, 2014

  •  16-Nov-2014 Venus in Sagittarius – Adventure, grand gestures and idealism in love, potential to overspend & overshare
  • 19-Nov-2014 Venus Square Neptune – Delusion, deception, disillusionment are possible in relationships or investments
  • 21-Nov-2014 Sun in Sagittarius – Optimism, expansion, overextension beyond resources for good or ill; faith and fortune
  • 27-Nov-2014 Mercury in Sagittarius – High-mindedness, philosophizing, judging, seeking truth and preaching the gospel


Moon Phases:

November 22nd – New Moon in Sagittarius.

November 29th – First quarter in Pisces.

Book Reviews:

Arwynne reviews The Jupiter/Saturn Conference Lectures by Liz Greene and Stephen Arroyo.

“This volume comprises eight lectures given at a 7-day conference in Berkeley, California at the time of the Jupiter/ Saturn conjunction in July, 1981. In addition to considerable discussion of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction and its 20-year cycle, the talks cover numerous other subjects…” (from the back cover)

th-3Alison reviews The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion.

Nicholas Campion’s Book of World Horoscopes is an astonishing work. With almost 500 charts for countries and other world events, it is the essential reference whether your interest is in exploring collective mythology, predicting political events or gaining astrological insights into the countries in which you live, work and travel. As the companion work to Campion’s mundane astrology (with Charles Harvey and Michael Beignet) this book is the classic work from the world’s foremost expert on mundane astrology. (from the back cover)

Astrology 360: Jupiter

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, with a mass 2.5 times that of all the other planets in the solar system combined. It was once theorized by astronomers to be a “failed star” in its own right, but this is no longer believed to be true. In order to generate a thermonuclear reaction, they say, the gas giant would have to be at least 75-85 times its current mass. Even the smallest known star we’ve identified, with only about 0.3% the brightness of our sun, is about 100 times Jupiter’s mass. Nonetheless, Jupiter was revered by ancient cultures as a king among gods. He was the patron deity of ancient Rome, believed to rule over laws and social order, and in Vedic mythology he was Dyaus Pitar, the Sky Father.

In astrology, Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius and is the traditional ruler of Pisces, considered by modern astrologers to be ruled by Neptune. In the natal chart, Jupiter represents your ideas and ideals; higher education, religion, philosophy, luck, philanthropy, the legal system and certain government processes (think “New Deal” and “Great Society”), while many other aspects of government are ruled by disciplinarian, regulatory, tough-on-crime Saturn.

Jupiter takes about 12 years to orbit the sun, spending just over a year in each sign. On July 16, 2014, it moved from Cancer into Leo where it will stay until August 11, 2015. The last time Jupiter was in Leo was from August 2, 2002 to August 27, 2003. You can think back to what was going on in the world and in your life at that time for an idea about the flavor of the coming year.


Previous Jupiter in Leo transits

August 2, 2002 – August 27, 2003: Flooding in Europe, Sicilian island collapse and tsunami, Bali nightclub bombing & Russian terrorist attacks, Miss World terrorist attack in Nigeria, Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrates on reentry, 10 million worldwide protest war in Iraq, Human Genome Project is completed, Northeast blackout leaves 55 million without power, Mars makes its closest approach to Earth in over 50,000 years. (Wikipedia)

August 19, 1990 – September 12, 1991: Formal beginning of the Human Genome Project, Reunification of Germany, launch of the Hubble Space Telescope, Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web. Encyclopædia Britannica‘s sales peaked at 120,000 volumes sold, and the number of librarians in the US also peaked that year. Soviet Union collapsed, ending the Cold War. First Gulf War in Iraq after invasion of Kuwait. (Wikipedia)